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Flash! Web Seminar with Don Rosenberg, Living with Open Source: How ISVs Can Turn the Monster Under the Bed into a Profit Partner (Software CEO)

Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law by Lawrence E. Rosen (Book Review)

NewInterview with Don Rosenberg on Open Source and business needs

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Stromian's Guide to OEM Software Licensing

Stromian's Software Marketing Resources Page

Open Source Software Licensing Page

Consulting Services:

OEM Software Licensing, from Strategic Planning to Negotiations and Administration

Open Source Licensing Evaluation and Strategy

Windows-to-Linux Migration of Operations

The OEM Software Licensing Site offers the

OEM Software Licensing Guide

Software Marketing Resources Page
with direct connections to a variety of sites containing on-line information and how-to's on all aspects of software licensing and marketing; and the

Open Source Software Licensing Page
with material relating to licensing and marketing for Linux and Open Source software.

These pages are sponsored by Stromian Technologies, which offers the following services:

OEM Software Licensing Services,
from strategic planning to negotiations and administration

Open Source Licensing Evaluation and Strategy Services

Assessment and Planning for Windows-to-Linux Migration Services

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