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Flash! Interview with Don Rosenberg on Open Source and business needs

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Open Source Licensing Evaluation and Strategy

Open Source Licensing Evaluation and Strategy

Windows-to-Linux Migration of Operations

Open Source Licensing Evaluation and Strategy

Open Source Licensing is not a fad--it is revolutionizing the way companies develop and work with software. Are there benefits for your business? Donald K. Rosenberg has long been involved with these issues, and brings to consulting assignments his knowledge and experience. For background and a business assessment of Open Source software development, see his book,
Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers.
Stromian Technologies will work with your company in assessing these issues and with

Windows-to-Linux Migration of Operations

Business and government are increasingly planning or converting their operations, partially or wholly, to Open Source software. Who is doing this, and why? Should you?

See the practical information see Don Rosenberg's columns

Stromian Technologies can help you assess the bottom-line benefits of converting your operations to Open Source software.

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